Work progress
1. Pork nut coconut rubbed with spices (salt, pepper, garlic), then put in a oven bake, pour 0.5 l of cucumber pickles and add bay leaves.
2. Bake at 1800-2000 ° C. Perodiski meat basket. Get ready made from the pan and transplanted with olive oil and thyme.
3. Cool to a temperature of 600 ° C and divide into portions.
4. Separate vegetables. Vegetables are cut in long straws. Place the pan with a saucepan and place the roast. Cook with butter and gradually add vegetables, according to the time of preparation of each vegetable, bake at 1800 ° C until ready.
1. pork neck chop 1.7 kg
2. garlic 0.05 kg
3. salt 0.01 kg
4. pepper mill, 0.005 kg
5. Bread leaves 0.001 kg
6. thyme 0.001 kg
7. olive oil 0.05 kg
8. Wounds 0.6 kg
9. Carrots 0.5 kg
10. Onions 0.250 kg
11. Potatoes 0.6 kg
12. Butter 0.1 kg
13. Cucumber pickle 0.5 l
Ogre Technical School

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