Work progress
1. Heat medium-sized potatoes for half-finished bark. Cool and clean, cut lengthwise into halves and scrape the middle, then make the meat (ground and fry with the spices), then the whole mass is lost in the meat grinder or sassembled. Add cumin. Put this mass on the halves of the potatoes and put the oven in the oven with olive oil. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Almost ready to apply. cream and sprinkle with dill.
1. Potatoes 0.65 kg
2. garlic 0.05 kg
3. salt 0.001 kg
4. ground pepper 0.005 kg
5. pork 0.250 kg
6. sour cream 0.150 kg
7. olive oil 0,1 l
8. cigars 0.01 kg
9. Dill 0.01 kg
Ogre Technical School

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