Gray pea balls for 10 servings

Preparation: Gray peas are soaked and boiled until they start to chop. Cool Potatoes are cooked and the whole skin is cooled and cleaned. The two components are ground with added ground-cooked bacon and sour cream, cooked onions. Mix the mass and wrap round balls in dill.
1. Potatoes 0.25 kg
2. Gray peas 0,250 kg
3. salt 0.01 kg
4. Onions 0.150 kg
5. smoked bacon 0.2 kg
6. See Cream 0.150 kg
7. dill 0.01 kg
8. olive oil 0.05 kg
Ogre Technical School

The recipe is from:
Ogre Technical School
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LV-5001 Ogre
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