Wärdhusets Smoked Bream Mix

Clean the fish from the bones.
Mix the fish with chopped dill, mayonnaise and creme fraich and stir until smooth.
Season with salt & pepper.
Fry coarse bread in butter on both sides.

Lemon Rape
Mix all the ingredients, let soak.

Onion and apple salad
Finely chop the onion, apple and chives and mix it.

Spoon the mixture on the bread.
Garnish with arugula, onion and apple salad.
Rippla of lemon olive oil.
6 port

Bream Mix
400 g smoked bream
15 g fresh dill
1 cup mayonnaise
5 tbsp crème fraîche
Salt & pepper
6 slices of dark bread

Lemon rape oil
2 cups fine mild canola oil
1 lemon
1 tbsp sugar

Onion and apple salad
1 apple
1 red onion
20 g chives
Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus

The recipe is from:
Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus
Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus
243 95 HÖÖR
[email protected]

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