Latgale beer according to an ancestral recipe

Recipe of the preparation of 150 litres of unfiltered dark beer:
We take 75 kg of barley grown on our farm. Pour the barley in a wooden tub, pour water on the barley. The barley is macerated for 24 hours at a temperature of from +18 ° C to +20 ° C. Then we spread the barley in a layer of thickness of 10 cm on a film for packing food, and germinate for 4 days.
We put the germinated seeds to dry in a malt-house (a growth chamber). The malt is dried for 14 hours continuously heating the malt-house with alder wood. During drying, the malt is periodically stirred up.
Next, 0.75 kg of hops and 40 litters of water are boiled for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. The decoction of hops wand and mash of barley must be poured in a specially designed wooden tub for fermentation. The hops serve as a preservative for beer, which does not let it to become sour and gives it pleasant bitterness of hops.
Then take 70 kg of the mill-ground malt and then pour it into a wooden tub and pour 200 litres of boiled water. All is soaked for 4 hours. Further, through a pre-prepared wooden "stira", the mash of barley is filtered and joins with the decoction of hops in a specially designed wooden tub for the fermentation.
The mash of barley is cooled to a temperature of +20 ° C, brewer's yeast must be added to it, and that all ferments for 24 hours at a temperature of +20 ° C. The fermented beer is filtered through cotton gauze and filled into barrels.

Barley seeds
Alder wood
Production of home-brewed beer

The recipe is from:
Production of home-brewed beer
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