Chicken Liver of the House

Clean, dry and flour the liver. Heat a medium frying pan and fry the floured liver from both sides.
Add apple slices and onion rings and fry to golden brown.
Season the liver with salt and a bit of white pepper.
Deglaze with 200 ml of Cassissée and the dark gravy.
Finally, add two pats of butter to it and simmer for about 2 minutes.

We serve the chicken liver with herb mashed potatoes and although it is a simple dish, it is very well received by our guests.

12 pieces of chicken liver
1 red apple
1 white onion
200 ml Cassissée (liqueur)
200 ml dark jus
2 pats of butter
salt and white pepper

The recipe is from:
Panorama Hotel Restaurant Lohme
Dorfstraße 35
D-18551 Lohme
[email protected]

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