Öland - for all tastes!

Öland is Sweden's smallest province and a very varied one.Here are stone coast, shoreline, deciduous forest and of course the great Alvar included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Agriculture is one of Öland's two primary industries. Tourism is the other. The small-scale food production is growing and there are now both farm dairies and farm shops offering local products such as milk, beef, potatoes, chicken, lamb, onions, strawberries, asparagus and beans. Everything produced here has been affected by the lime-rich soil and grazing animals on limestone soil. Our restaurants are using largely local produce and thus offers a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Culinary experiences, rural idyll and the vast sandy beaches interspersed with cultural treasures where and when you are in the landscape of Öland. There is something for all the senses.

The summer entertainment is widely known as the autumn harvest festival. During the year, Öland offering event as Easter celebration Öland Sprouts, Arts Round of Ascension Day, Christmas markets and much more.

Welcome to Öland - the sun and the winds and the island of all tastes

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 1,347 
Population: 25,800 
Member since: 1999
Recipes: 4
Business members: 26