Welcome to Östergötland!

Östergötland is located at the intersection of Östergötland and the southern highlands.
Nature is mostly hilly and rich in lakes and streams. We can also boast two fine channels - Göta and Kinda Channel. There are also large, fertile farming areas and forest areas with a lot of game.

Östergötland is an exciting combination of farmland, urban pulse, high technology and small-town life. In addition, the region bordering on the Baltic Sea with the beautiful archipelago and the west rises Omberg with a breathtaking view of the lake.

In our list of members here beside you will find a selection of both producers, restaurants and hotels that are all members of Regional Culinary Heritage and good ambassadors for the food in Östergötland. We want to make it easier for you to shop, cook and eat food from your own neighborhood. Food to be proud of - foods that have a local origin, and food that is extra fun to serve when friends come to visit this summer. Make your own tour of our fair Östergyllen and taste what the season has to offer - we look forward to your visit!

Raggmunken (Shag Monk) - Our landscape dish!
Nowhere else in Sweden they eat as much potato pancakes than they do in Östergötland and no other Swedes are equally crazy in this tasty potato dish as we here in Östergötland! In 2008 this delicacy was appointed to Östergötlands new landscape dish. Search for Potato Pancake under the "Recipes"!

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 10,562
Population: 430,000 
Member since: 1998
Recipes: 2
Business members: 0