The counties of Østfold, Vestfold and Akershus surround the Norwegian Capital of Oslo, forming a region which provides great variety in terms of experiencing nature as well as local arts, culture and food. You will find quiet forests for sports and recreation – as well as lakes full of fish, blossoming agricultural areas, and a coast stretching from Sweden all the way up the Oslofjord to the Capital. All these natural resources is what we call "Our rich and natural local Pantry".

Distance is short from quiet villages and countryside to lively cities. In all these cities – and the region as a whole you will find establishments serving local produce and regional specialties as well as information on local sights, museums, activities and culture.

We have made it easy for anyone who wants to enjoy food from our region. The network Regional Matkultur - where around 80 restaurants, cafes, hotels, farm shops, and producers work together to promote and serve local produce. Regional Matkultur is a European concept – comprising 43 regions where all regions share the same ambition of providing visitors with their regional produce and food specialties. All members in all countries share the logo which guarantees quality and guides the way. Watch out for the Chef's White Hat; our international logo – it ensures a great food experience.

Regional Information
Area 11,778
Population: 1,762,435 (2015)
Member since: 1999
Recipes: 39
Business members: 38
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