Blekinge lies in the heart of Europe, in the south-eastern corner of Sweden. A small county, just over 110 kilometres from east to west and with no more than 40 kilometres between the Baltic coast in the south and the border of Småland in the north.

Blekinge is frequently described as a miniature of Sweden. Just like a garden, the county offers a varied scenery within a limited area. Here you find leafy, deciduos forests dominated by oak and beech. Deep pine forests surround lakes with clear, glassy water. The rivers of Blekinge normally flow along peacefully, but in some places they rush eagerly through beautiful valleys.

A cultivated landscape with meadows, fields and pasture - in the midst of these you find cottages, villages and small charming towns, located along the coast just like pearls on a string!

Please, follow us on a culinary trip through the county:

With a long coastal line, fishing has through times had a considerable place in Blekinge's culinary heritage. Especially dishes made of herring, cod, salmon and eel are of interest. A well fried herring with dill and parsleyon a slice of ryebread, a dinner with a fresh captured slightly salted cod,potatoes and a lemonsauce or why not a soup made of eel or salmon with tasteful vegetables - that's delicious.

But you will find so much more in our county. Blekinge is not a large county in Sweden, yet it can offer you a wide varity of different products. Here you find most of vegetables, roots, fish, crawfish, egg,chicken, pork, beef and lamb. In recent years also goatmilk products, deer and ostrich. Add to this all the things that our nature offers asberries and mushroom.

To choose seasonal food and neighbourhood products is a sensible way to all cooking. Everyone, from the farmer to the food industry, trade and finally the consumer must act so this will be possible.

Here you find all conditions to have a good meal based on products and traditions from the county.

Welcome to Blekinge!

Regional Information
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