Welcome to Latgale!

Modern world partly on purpose, partly by accident unites, equalises, standardises everything. At the same time people still have a wish to find something new, to taste something special, and to feel something different. Latgale region nowadays is still "terra incognita". Latgale pearl shines to travellers and fascinates forever. Pearl, to which we, Latgalian people are so used to, that do not even notice. One of such pearl is the peculiarities of our cuisine and a treasure that lies in skills of the county women's hands.

Traditional recipes are coming from local hostesses who have either created them by themselves or inherited them from their ancestors. Those usually very simple dishes, which were made on countryside where people were working hard and havent had time for preparing difficult meals. It was important to make quick, nourishing food. Home-made and modest food has always invigorated Latgalian people.

Cousine traditions in Latgale have always been closely connected with change of seasons. The pig fattened during the summer was slaughtered in winter, therefore on Christmas festivity table there has always been a lot of meat dishes and sausages. The salted speck which can be preserved for longer time was kept till the hot hay time. Everyone was looking forward to taste the first autumn bread from the new corn. Reflection of sunshine in the butter clump, brownness of the soil in the crispy fried slice of meat...

Time and traditions are changing. Nowadays the habits of eating and content have been changed too . Today the traditional cooking is a very strong and important issue when it comes to preserve cultural heritage as well as to promote regional advantages on a rapidly emerging travel market.

For the purpose of development of Latgale Culinary Heritage network and marketing have been established society Latgale Culinary Heritage Center which unites Latgalian enterprises which are actively working in the network and offers to their guests Culinary Heritage dishes (www.kulinaraismantojums.lv).

Exploration of the region through the "taste" -culinary journey is not less exciting and informative than admiration of natural landscapes and architectural monuments cognition.

Bon appetite and see you in Latgale!

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 14,547
Population: 394,058 
Member since: 2004
Recipes: 65
Business members: 27