The island of Rügen

Rügen is the largest and -perhaps- most beautiful German island. Visitors are not only surprised by the size of the 976 square kilometre of land but also by the diverse landscape. Rügen is situated near the Northeast coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
The island is connected with the mainland by two bridges, the Rügendamm and the Rügen Brigde. Crossing the brigde, you will start feeling the island.
Environmentally friendly tourism, medium sized enterprises, farming, forestry, fishing and the food industry dominate the business sector.
When you really like to get to know our island you should start with the breakfast.
Try the tasty jams from the island, the fresh cheese and ecological eggs from Bisdamitz, milk products from Poseritz or other island products. You can buy them in the farm shops, especially in the rural centre of Ummanz or in the restaurants.
And, of course, you should not forget to taste the fish - neither the smoked nor the one cooked by excellent chefs in the restaurants. Nowhere it will taste better then directly at the sea.
Try from the delicious offers during the herring weeks or the asparagus and cabbage weeks. Rügen's Northern part is famous for cabbage.
You will also find lots of products made from the healthy orange berries of the sea buckthorn bush. You can find them in jams, juice, ice cream, liqueurs or cakes.

You are very welcome to visit us and taste our regional kitchen.

Regional Information
Area 3,188 
Population: 230,743 (2010) 
Member since: 1997
Recipes: 20
Business members: 19