Wielkopolska Region

Wielkopolska is one of the largest regions in Poland. Area is 29 826 sq km, which constitutes 9,5% of the total area of Poland.
The province consists of 35 districts.

The basic administrative unit in the country is a community. There are 226 communities within the Region. Both districts and communities are very different in terms of area, population, and economic potential.
The biggest city in the province is its capital – Poznań with 580 thousand inhabitants (Poland´s fifth biggest city in terms of population).

The economy of the Wielkopolska province is structurally balanced and developed and as a region it leads in many branches of economic activity in Poland. The sector of trade and financial services develop dynamically. The regional economy is characterised by diversification of the development of the sub-regions. This is a result of natural development of different parts of Wielkopolska.

The most important economic features of the region are:
– Poznań, centrally located in the region, together with the surrounding areas constitutes a significant point of growth in all branches of economy, it is an area where manufacturing and service industry, business, institution of higher education, scientific, research and design units are concentrated
– the central and southern areas of the region, thogether with the Poznań agricultural area, are highly productive and provide food for Wielkopolska and other regions as well as developed industry, especially food processing,
– the eastern area of the province constitutes a base for a fuel-power complex as well as metallurgy,
– the northen area of the province that is mostly forested with a developed wood processing industry.

Wielkopolska is an ideal destination for those looking to spend their leasure time locally . The Region hes a wide spectrum of various form of tourism. Varied landscape, lakes and river valleys, forests, national and lanscape parks, nature reserves and monuments of nature makes Wielkopolska a region of great natural value. Historical artefacts, a wealth of monuments of architecture, museums and memorial rooms.
The northern and western part of region is dominated by nature: the landscape with the greater number of lakes, larger forest complexes, and varied land configuration.
The eastern and particularly the southern part, with fewer lakes and forests, offers many more monuments of great historical and artistic value. Also agritourism is growing in popularity, were tourist can find calmmess, nature and enjoy local foods.

The Board of Wielkopolska Region supports production of high quality traditional food products by taking a part in international trade shows, promoting local weekend markets, distribution of catalogue of traditional products, trainings and seminares.

The Network of Culinary Heritage Wielkopolska has 131 members right now.

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 29,826 
Population: 3,489,210 
Member since: 2008
Recipes: 11
Business members: 125
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