Rivne region

Capital city (regional centre) – Rivne

Geographical Location
Rivne region is situated in the north-western part of Ukraine. The area of the territory is 20,1 thou sq km with the total population of 1154,6 thou people. The region borders on Volyn, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Lviv regions. In the north of Rivnenshchyna there is a frontier with Belarus, in particular with Brest and Homyel regions. The distance from Rivne to Kyiv by rail train is 391 km, by highway – 321 km. 4 international transport corridors cross the territory of Rivne region: Crete transport corridor # 3 (Krakowec-Lviv-Rivne-Kyiv), Crete transport corridor # 5 (Kosyn-Chop-Lviv-Rivne-Sarny-Minsk), Europe-Asia (joint with Crete transport corridor # 3), Baltic sea – Black sea (Jagodyn-Kovel-Lutsk-Ternopil-ports of Black sea).

Natural and Recreational Potential
171 river with total length of 4459 km flow through Rivne region. The biggest regional lakes are Nobel (with area of 4,7 sq km) and Bile (with area of 4,5 sq km). The area of regional forest resources is 853 thou hectares. Rivne region has 227 territories and objects of natural reserve resources including 17 reserves of state importance.
Favourable climatic conditions, considerable forest tracts, rivers, lakes, therapeutic peat mud and mineral waters etc. determine the main recreational resources of this land. There are 6 sanatoriums and pensions with treatment, and a number of child camps in the region.

Rivne land is famous with its deposits of minerals. In general there are 77 different deposits of solid minerals in the region. Nowadays raw material potential of the region includes more than 600 explored mineral deposits of state and local importance. Polissya bowels are rich in kaolin, facing, sown and building stones. There are considerable fields of raw materials for the manufacture of mineral fibre, brick and tiled ware, cement and glass-ware, agrochemical goods and carbonates. The source of mineral phosphate raw materials is explored. The deposits of native copper are discovered in the region (their analogue is the only manufacturing deposit in USA). However, the most unique fields from the geological point of view are deposits of basalt and amber (Rivne region is a monopolist in amber mining and processing in Ukraine).

Rivnenshchyna is industrial and agrarian region. In the whole-Ukrainian context the region is remarkable because of its manufacture of fibrous slabs, veneer, chemical fertilizers, cement, and amber, enterprises of meet and milk and agricultural processing. Processing industry, generation and distribution of electric energy, gas and water, production of building materials and glassware, chemical and food industry form the basis of the industrial development of Rivne region

Well-known Personalities
Prince, Kyiv voevode, famous political and cultural figure Kostyantyn-Vasyl Kostyantynovych Ostroz’ky (1526-1608), the first President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk (born in 1934 in Velykyi Zhytyn village, Rivne region), scientist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1992) Hryhoriy Kharpak (born in 1924 in Dubrovytsya, Rivne region), repeated champion of Ukraine in swimming, twice champion of Europe, record-holder of European championship Anna Khlistunova etc.

Historical and Cultural Potential
In order to support the cultural heritage of multinational population of the region there is a wide infrastructure of cultural establishments. There are 2 theatres, several state museums and 295 non-governmental museums and museum rooms in Rivne.
Holding a number of festivals became a tradition in Rivne region, in particular they are: folklore and ethnographic festival “Kolyada”, festival of child choral singing “Vesnyani dzvinochky”, festival of youth traditional folk culture “Drevlyanski dzherela”, festival of student theatres of pop miniatures “Shalantukh” etc.

The most attractive tourist and excursion objects are state historical and cultural reserve in Ostroh, state historical and cultural reserve in Dubno, historical and memorial reserve “pole Berestetskoyi bytvy”, state museum-reserve “Kozatski mohyly”, ХV–ХVІІ centuries monastery-fortress, ХVІ century Lutsk Gate, ХVІ century synagogue, ХV–ХVІІ centuries St. Trinity monastery-fortress etc.

Educational and Scientific Potential
Skill level of regional labour force is one of the highest in Western part of Ukraine.
More then 50 thou students study in 30 educational establishments of І-IV accreditation levels including 4 universities (two of them have national status). The network of regional educational establishments and the qualification of research and educational personnel are sufficient in order to provide educational and skills level of labour resources crucial for modern economy.

Among the most well-known educational establishment of the region one can emphasize National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use, Rivne State Humanitarian University, National University “Ostroh Academy”. The scientists of regional educational establishments communicate with educational institutions of Poland, Germany, USA, France, Hungary, check Republic, Slovak Republic, Algeria, Canada, Russia, Republic of Belarus. This communication contributes to further integration of the region to world science.

16 organizations with the staff of 52 doctors and 750 candidates of sciences conduct scientific and technical research and elaboration in the region.

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 20,100 
Population: 1,156,000 
Member since: 2008
Recipes: 6
Business members: 18