Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is located in south-eastern Poland, on crossing of the important communication trails. The region, with its name originating from the Świętokrzyskie Mountains (the Holy Cross Mountains) undulating around its capital, Kielce, belongs to a larger geographical region of the Lesser Poland Upland (Wyżyna Małopolska). It is surrounded by the Pilica River from the west and the Vistula from the south and east. The most interesting and rare species of plants and animals have been preserved in numerous nature reserves and landscape parks.

One of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe, the Świętokrzyskie Mountains used to be known as the witches’ gathering point for their hellish fun and dances. Such are the folk tales, but the remains of stone cultic embankment from about the 8th century, surrounding the tip of Holy Cross Mount, are the evidence of pagan worship. In the Świętokrzyskie Mountains numerous traces of the heroic and tragic past of this land can be found – the past described by one of the greatest sons of the land – the writer Stefan Żeromski.

The menu of the Świętokrzyskie Region could not exist without potatoes, mealy dishes and barley, millet or buckwheat groats. As meat rarely appeared in the local diet in the past, it was successfully replaced with fruit, vegetables and dairy products. The most representative dish of our region is zalewajka świętokrzyska, a kind of sour soup made from fermented rye flour and potatoes. The regional cakes and rye bread will satisfy the most demanding tastes, as will the delicious świętokrzyski and fałkowski honey. The korczyńska bean is a characteristic product of Ponidzie, whereas millet, from which the millet groats is produced, is identified with the area surrounding Opatów. The Sandomierski land is known for apple orchards and tomato plantations, just as Szydłów and its surroundings are famous for their plums. The eastern part of the region is covered with strawberry fields, where the “buska faworytka” (the “Busko’s favourite”) is the most popular species.

The fast developing traditional restaurants and farm tourism offer unforgettable and incredible culinary experiences. You can try the nettle soup or sorrel soup followed with potato dumplings, and have some mouth-watering home-made cherry schnapps for dessert.

Why wait? Come to the Świętokrzyskie Region and surrender to the charm of wonderful tourist sites and the taste of our exceptional food.

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 11,672 
Population: 1,263,176 
Member since: 2009
Recipes: 52
Business members: 81