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Lower Silesia (Polish: Dolny Śląsk), located in the southwestern part of Poland, is the country’s seventh largest province. The region covers an area of 19,947 km2 with a population of nearly 3 million people. The province is home to over 169 municipalities, forming 26 rural counties and 3 townships. Wroclaw, as the capital of Lower Silesia with around 650 thousand inhabitants, is the fourth largest Polish city in terms of population.

Lower Silesia is crowned with a number of tourist attractions. The region’s attractiveness is especially highlighted by both its natural and cultural richness as well its considerable potential in health tourism and the increasingly popular forms of agro- and ecotourism. Castles of the Piast dynasty, Cistercians castles, underground hiking trails, monumental palaces, nature reserves, rock labyrinths, some of the most important works in industrial architecture, the largest number of health resorts in Poland, numerous ski slopes and luxury hotels - all this can be found just in Lower Silesia. Its turbulent history has contributed to the fusion of various cultures and the emergence of an unprecedented merger of styles and traditions.

Innovation, effective EU fund management, well-developed infrastructure and dynamic economic growth - these features distinguish Lower Silesia and make it attractive for investors. The region’s development is largely based on its highly skilled, educated workforce and a number of factors which all assist in implementing new business ventures, such as the presence of technology parks and special industrial zones.

Lowers Silesia’s cultural landscape includes approximately 200 regional and national cultural institutions, 700 libraries, 42 museums, 19 theaters and musical institutions, 23 art galleries, and 36 art colleges and universities. Regularly held musical and drama performances attract visitors from all over the world. As one of the most significant Polish cultural centers, Lower Silesia is famous for its festivals. Every year in the region there are about thirty regional, national and international music, theater and film festivals.

The Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesian Voivodeship supports the production of traditional, high quality regional food products through various promotional activities. These include holding competitions and product exhibitions, participating in national and international fairs, the printing and distributing of a regional and traditional product catalogue as well as holding training seminars. Such training seminars are held for producers who wish to register their products in the national Traditional Products List and within the European Union food identification database (PDO/PGI/TSG). Currently, Lower Silesia has 47 products registered on the national list and one product in the European system (PGI - heather honey from the forests of Lower Silesia).

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 19,947 
Population: 2,908,457 
Member since: 2011
Recipes: 19
Business members: 92
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