Agder Telemark - diversity of tastes and experiences

Agder Telemark region stretches from the coast in the south and some distance inland through valleys and mountains. The region is characterized by large variations in landscape and a wide variety of productions. Here you will find everything from beautiful fruit areas to the mountain villages with grazing animals, fjords and coastline, fishing and farming, and great areas for production of berries and vegetables of high quality.

The region has a strong cultural heritage. In Telemark and Setesdals are some of the country's most decorated costumes. The region is also known for its rich craftsmanship, including silver work, wood carving and rose painting. Food and meal culture has also been important in this region, and many traditions are well looked after, salting, drying and smoking of meat, fermentation of fish, pickling and canning are just some of the live food culture today. In Agder and Telemark there has always been harvested by nature, hunting and fishing and the harvesting of mushrooms and berries.

Agder Telemark is a typical tourist region with visitors from home and abroad. Southern Norway is the Norwegian Riviera with tourists and residents throughout the summer. White painted cities and idyllic islands are tempting both Norwegians and other travelers. The mountain villages are beautiful destination all year round. In summer there are great hiking trails, both for families and the more experienced hikers. In winter, the mountains frequently are visited by skiers - alpine and cross-country skiing. Did you know that slalom (slalåm) is a dialect of Telemark meaning down-hill tracks? Kristiansand is the region's largest city with theater and concert hall, fishing pier and many great restaurants. Majestic Gaustatoppen (1883 meters) is the region's highest mountain and a popular destination both summer and winter.

Regional Culinary Heritage Agder Telemark is a network of food producers, small and large restaurants and eateries and retail outlets - all with one thing in common - they have an interest in local and regional food, food culture and culinary experiences.


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