In the Bornholm dialect, one says that the taste of food "sings". When eating a meal labelled "Regional Culinary Heritage" we endeavour to make it "taste like the birds sing". If it fails to do so, at least we know where to register a complaint - which also ensures constant quality improvement. Everybody can serve a steak, but few have any idea where it comes from or the conditions under which the animal lived.

Anyone who has ever explored Bornholm´s landscapes or the Baltic Sea´s yachting eldorado knows from personal experience that animals and crops - like the people who inhabit Bornholm - live in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable.

Regional Culinary Heritage Bornholm follows the trail from plate to origin. The bread may have been baked using flour from Bornholms Valsemølle and the mill may have purchased the grain from Frennegård Farm. The lamb cutlet may come from the local butcher, which in turn fetched the lamb from the herd of sheep grazing the rocky land of Bornholm.
The lettuce and Hamburg parsley may have been organically raised at Grennesminde.
Or the plaice may have been fished up that very morning by a local fisherman who, in spite of his pensioner living, is still active and throws his nets into Baltic Sea near Gudhjem every day.

Regional Culinary Heritage is food with identity first and foremost. We know where it comes from, and who has "had their hands on it" so to speak!

A good story about the origin of the produce gives the meal a new dimension. You get a culinary experience that is slightly out of the ordinary! And remember, the chocolate for dessert was handmade in Sandvig. Visit the shop yourself to see how!

Bon appétit!

Culinary Heritage Bornholm

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