Wielkopolska Region

Greater Poland constitutes one of the largest regions in Poland. Poznan is its capital. The history of Greater Poland is related to the beginnings of the Polish state. It was there, among the numerous hills and forests, that the first settlements of Slavic villages arose, thus forming the germs of the state of Polan. As of the present, the Greater Poland Voivodeship is represented by nearly 3.5 million residents, and its area spreads across approx. 30,000 km2. Greater Poland is divided into 35 counties, including 4 with counties rights, and those, in turn, into 226 municipal, rural and municipal-rural communes. Both unique landscapes and varied terrain characterize this region. There is a moderate climate, which is conducive to the development of agriculture. The popularity of rural tourism, including agritourism, is growing in Greater Poland. Visitors to agritourism appreciate the quiet, closeness to nature, as well as the opportunity to try regional delicacies. Hosts willingly reach for old recipes, tested by our grandmothers and grandparents. Inimitable dishes are often made with products originating from their own gardens, which just ensures their additional flavour values.

Wielkopolska currently associates 121 entities in the Heritage Network.

Regional Information
Area sq.km: 29,826 
Population: 3,489,210 
Member since: 2008
Recipes: 11
Business members: 91
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