Welcome to Culinary Heritage Western Jutland

In the western part of Jutland we have the best products right at hand; what we breed in the stables, grow in the fields as well as nature's own herbs, fish and game. The products can be enjoyed raw and unrefined or processed and refined with technical subtlety.

Several of our small-scale producers are experiencing an exciting development at present. Until now, it has primarily been gourmet restaurants, near and far, that have been interested in what we produce, but the products from Western Jutland are now finding their way to quality- and taste conscious consumers, either through farm shops, the Internet or retailers.

Our strength is quality fish and shell fish from the North Sea and fjords. Game and honey from nature’s own larder. Even rape seed oil and local wine are found in the region. Furthermore, the area has a variety of meat products from free range pigs, beef cattle, bison, lamb, deer and poultry – all bred in Western Jutland’s wonderful nature.

Farming, forestry, fishing, industry and craftsmanship in a variety of trades make up the backbone of the area's economy. The food industry, including the industrialised production in high-tech dairies, slaughter houses and fishing facttories, as well as small-scale producers, is an important part of the area’s business sector.

Agriculture dominates both view and vision in our region, which is beautifully framed with the impressive hilly glacial landscape and characterised by moors, fjords and coastal scenery along the North Sea.

Culinary Heritage Western Jutland is proud to continue to develop the local tradition of living in harmony with nature and the seasons.

Western Jutland is the western most part of the Central Denmark Region and covers the municipalities Ringkøbing-Skjern, Struer, Holstebro, Skive and parts of Herning Municipality.

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